The Relativity of Expertise

People have been ordering burgers “the way you like it” way too long. 

If you go to a fast food restaurant, you have no choice but to order it “the way you like it” and you’ll likely still not get something of quality. 

But – if you decide to go to the finest steak restaurant in the biggest city nearby, and order their burger – DON’T MODIFY THE ORDER!  Just give it a shot. 

The chef has spent a lot of time, tasting food combinations, experimenting with approaches to this burger, and decided on something worthy of their name. You might hate tomatoes on your burger, but it could be what you were missing with this one burger. 

That being said, “why hire an expert if you think you know better?” 

No one is born an expert. It’s a combination of building up a skillset, and chipping away through trial and error. 

Being a musician, I’ve heard so many times, “they’re just naturally gifted,” well they’re wrong. They might have long fingers (an asset to a pianist or guitarist) or they might be seven feet tall (something most basketball players can appreciate). But every expert has invested a ton of time learning their craft. And whether you aim to be an expert or not, any extended period of time doing one thing makes you a little bit more of an expert than the next person. 

So, what’s the lesson here? If you’re new to content-creation, as most people are, approach it with open ears, open eyes, and a touch of humility.