Target Audience: The Podcasting Crux

No steak house is creating a marketing plan to get more vegans into their restaurant. 

This is obvious, right? Why is this concept so abstract for podcasters, particularly those in wellness? 

Here’s my first tip for podcasters:

  1. Define your audience (the more detail, the better)

I wish I could claim this as a rule of my own, but this in banner writing in every single marketing firm in the world. 

You can’t sell steak to a vegan. People use podcasts like they music, and clothing – as a way to further illustrate themselves. It’s adopted as a part of their identity. But painting broad strokes only will get you nowhere. 

How do I decide my audience? 

  1. Who in real life can relate to the host? Older, younger, pretentious, down to earth, urban, suburban, rural. If you think you can create a show that successfully knocks on all of these doors, you either have the elixir for life, or you’re lying to yourself. 
  2.  Who will get the most out of my show? If I now know the age range, income, gender, and other basic info for my audience, out of this subcategory, who will benefit the most? A show about Ping-Pong could be great for beginners and pointless for diehard players. If it’s for the beginners, don’t go over their heads. If it’s for the elitist, forget all of the Ping-Pong 101 talk.
That’s it for now, just an exercise in thinking about success.