About Revision Sound

Get Serious About Your Sound

Founded in 2009, Revision Sound set out to tell a story. From cinematic audio to elevator music, sound shapes the world in which we live. Podcasters and songwriters contribute to the sonic timeline while indie films are produced at an ever growing rate. Everyone has a story to tell. 
While the historic recording-studio fades away, the modern home-studio quickly replaces it. Today’s challenge is replicating the vintage vibes with the modern hi-fi experience. Revision Sound gives the talent an opportunity to stay creative while we establish the soundscape. 
Share your story. We’ll do the rest.

The Revision Sound Studio Experience

From analog to digital, we want the best. Revision Sound is a composite of collected analog outboard gear, and top-notch in-the-box mixing and mastering tools. While some of the great gear of years past are a challenge to find, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to find schematics and build it ourselves. We literally built this studio with from the ground up.

What Revision Sound Can Do for You

Revision Sound will help you finish your projects, tell your stories, and take your art to the spotlight. Whether you write songs, compose films, or produce podcasts, we’ve got your sound needs covered.