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Keep the listeners you have with polished sound.

Blog 101

The Podcasting Blog

If you're looking for a little creative inspiration, this blog is designed to share wisdom thru trial and error with one of the dozens of shows Revision Sound has produced, edited or watched from the box seats.
Did you know...
there are over 2 million different shows streaming?
Did you know...
75% of podcasts don't reach 75 downloads per episode?
Did you know...
12% of published podcasts only ever publish 1 episode?
Did you know...
the best time to publish a podcast is Tuesday at 2 am?

Get Your Audience Addicted

Revision Sound works with podcasters in all industries and recording spaces. We love telling stories, sharing education and entertaining.
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From RAW to Ready

Keep your fans listening. Audio fatigue sets in when listening to extraneous audio for prolonged periods.

Revision Sound attenuates unwanted noise, balances all audio levels, equalizes the frequency spectrum, and adds mastering polish to the final product.

We do the technical, so you can stay creative.


Catchy, Clear, Concise

We live in a time when titles have subtitles, show-notes are tweet-length, and key-takeaways are reserved for websites’ SEO.

Short descriptions allows both the listeners and the algorithm spiders the ability to get a quick glimpse what your program has to offer

The Revision Sound approach is to mix personality with word-sculpting.


Value Your Listeners' Time

A well-paced show feels like a traffic free commute.

Even with a well-scripted show, edits are necessary. 

Revision Sound removes disfluencies, filler-words, redundancies, awkward pauses, and host-requested edits. As well, we have no problem taking the driver seat on content.

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