Episode Titles for Podcasting: Click Bait???

What makes a good podcasting title?

When creating a title, I consider 3 things.

  1. Is it compelling? 
  2. Is it honest?
  3. Does it serve the show?

Is it compelling? Does it say enough to grab someone’s attention? This is a lead. The goal is to get someone to either press play, or read the show-notes. If they read the show-notes, you want them to then press play. 

But stay away from the click-bait style of titles. People see right thru those. 

Another aspect to consider, remember the listener hasn’t heard a single second of your episode yet. You can’t expect them to connect the dots. This is a lead, not a chapter title. It has to make sense before they hear it, rather than after they read it. 

Is it honest? Again, are you using click bait trying to spice up the likelihood of someone pressing play, or are you making a gauruntee that your listener will get an exciting episode. 

If you’re using a click-bait title, it’s probably because the content sucks. Nobody wants a lemon, so stop serving them. 

Does it serve the show? Does the title serve the show? Your show is here for a reason, typically some sort of sub-niche. That’s what podcasts are for, curated entertainment or information. A listener wants to be obsessive over a certain type of content. Maintain your course.