Your Podcast Will FAIL If…

Your podcast is going to fail, it’s just a matter of time. Why? 

Here are the two things that ALL successful podcasters do. 

  1. They know what the episode subject matter is before pressing record.
  2. They understand that podcasting is a business, not a hobby. 

Understanding the subject matter is simple. It means not being lazy. Most podcasters think that it’s a radio morning show, just a few people sitting around talking. Well, you’re not that interesting, and morning shows have producers telling the talent the exact same thing. Follow the content – there’s a reason podcasting is about Niche – listeners are selfish.

Sure, podcasting can be a hobby, you just wont’ be great at it. And when you consider it a hobby, that means money down the drain. If you are serious about podcasting, you need a strategy and a budget. If you understand those very basic starting points, you’ll learn very quickly that great podcasting is about having the utmost respect for your listeners time. They owe you zero favors. Only your mom wants to hear you talk about nothing for 3 hours (and she’s likely tuning out). Listeners owe you nothing. They are selfish. Imagine getting on stage at a coffee shop and interviewing your neighbor for 3 hours. Do you think people will listen, or ask you to turn your microphone off so they can go back to their conversation?