Podcasting Interview TIPS

For the love of all things good, stop doing this in your interview. You’re making me yawn and ruining the flow. 

Don’t ask two part questions.

This isn’t a press brief, you have more than one opportunity to find out anything. Ask one question – it might unfold into an incredible place. Then ask, part two when you’re good and ready.

Be concise with your question.

I hear this all of the time. Example: “What was that like for you? I mean, was it difficult, did you struggle, or was it pretty easy? I mean…what was the like? Tell me about that.”

This is how you make an interview boring. People want the answer. And try your hardest to not ask yes/no questions. Be concise. Think like a therapist. Your job isn’t to talk, it’s to get some self-disclosure. 

“How’d this make you feel?” That’s the perfect question. And then sit there quietly. We’ll edit out that dead space – or maybe the space plays a role on its own. 

NO small talk!

This is for the 95% of podcasters that have 32 listeners. Nobody gives a crap. Give me, the listener, something worth listening to…something worth talking about later.