Podcast Recording Guideline: Guest Edition

What you have to say is electric, and we need that energy to make our show stand out. Your audio quality is key to presenting you with the respect you deserve! 

Please observe our simple guidelines to ensure a speedy recording, with quality audio to serve our listeners from sea to shining…Mars!

We think about audio in three ways: your room, your connection, and your delivery

When picking a room to record, be it your office, bedroom, or living room (aka the modern podcast studio), be aware of reverberation and extraneous noises as they tend to cause listener fatigue. Please choose a room with a lot of soft fabric and very few hard surfaces to avoid reverberation (echo). Ensure your dog, cat, bird, or bat stays quietly tucked away until you’re done sharing brilliance. 

Regarding connection, we know you’re charming, but we’re talking about internet connection. While wireless is the wave of the future, choosing a hardwired connection has major advantages. If you can’t manage to plugin, please close down any background programs and mute all notifications. 

Your delivery! We want you to be comfortable. Have fun! But we need this to come across as pure as possible. Please use headphones to avoid mic bleed. If possible, set up a microphone to capture your prosody with perfection. 

Beyond that, we’d like to remind you that we edit our shows for a premium quality production. If you have any requests during production, just ask us to hold on, and we’ll take care of the rest. 

Thanks in advance for saving the planet! 

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