Is Your Podcast Interesting?

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If your show is two people talking to each other and just “having fun,” the answer is a definite No. It’s not interesting. Maybe your friends find you fun – but I doubt it.

What makes a show great? Well – start by making it interesting. And how do you do that? It’s as simple as mixing effort and creativity.

This isn’t a novel, ground breaking idea. Once you realize that you’re in a competitive entertainment market, you can start the process of designing a great show. 

Effort – if you schedule a day to record, and then hit the little red circle, you’re putting zero effort in. Expect zero listeners. Maybe your mom will listen while she cooks. 

Creativity – if you’re hosting a guest for a new interview every week, or you’re lecturing in an “inspirational” fashion, it’s not creative. It’s been done – approximately 700,000 times per year. 

Put effort into making your show interesting with small details. 

  1. try a quote of the week
  2. an interesting factoid pertaining to your subject matter
  3. change your opening question (interview based) to something besides, “how’d you get into (insert subject matter). I guarantee that question has been answered before.
  4. Add a handful of underscoring songs that separate the sections of your show, and help to establish a mood. Mediation podcasts have already learned this – but you can do it with Sports, Business, News, and absolutely with Story-Telling. It doesn’t have to underscore, it can be interstitial as well. 
  5. If you’re spouting news, add a story. If you’re telling stories, add some news (factoids). 

The other option is to continue making the same boring show and expect that people will listen to it. Or expect that it will naturally get better.

The unexamined podcast is not worth recording. 

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