Back To Podcasting Basics: Choosing A Microphone

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Let’s stop with the lists of microphones and prices. If you want a great podcasting microphone, it’s the Shure SM7B. There is no better microphone. 

The one downside to this microphone is that it requires some additional gear to setup with your computer. 

The USB, direct connect, version of this microphone is the ShureMV7. It’s almost as good as it’s big sister. So very close. This mic is perfect for the solo podcaster. If you are working with a partner podcaster, or co-host, remember this one piece of important technical information, there’s no easy way to plug in TWO USB microphones to ONE COMPUTER.

So, if you and your co-host are in the same room – let’s talk about setting up something a little different. I like going with either the Focusrite Scarlet 2i2 or the the Zoom H6. Either of these can be paired with a couple of microphones, plugged into your computer and poop-shee-doop, you’re ready to record. 

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